Apr 17, 2012


(Romwe galaxy asymmetrical skirt, Romwe ring, Helmut Lang leather jacket, mustard knit from local boutique)

Don't you find yourself getting lost in this print? I feel like the beauty of galaxy prints comes from the fact that galaxies truly are something that most of us have never been able to see in person. I love the mystery and the allure, and I just find galaxies so intriguing. This print is actually almost identical to the top I had in a post a while back, and once I saw this skirt on Romwe, I knew I would love it (Thank you so much to Ariel from Romwe!). Let's just say that I like to buy anything galaxy - my laptop wallpaper is a galaxy, my math notebook has a galaxy on it... 

On a side note, I know sometimes it seems like my style is a little bit sporadic, but I really think there are so many things out there that I love and am aesthetically attracted to! I hope it doesn't confuse you all, especially those of you who prefer that I dress in a particular way - but I'm open to all your opinions. I think that there is one common thing that unites all of my different moods though - I just can't exactly describe it. 

PS - Stay tuned for an Italy post! I will update you all with tons of photos and details about my wonderful trip. I know this has taken a while, but I wanted to do some editing and filing through the photos. 
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  1. Love your Galaxy skirt!! Your styling is minimal and edgy!!!

  2. Wow, that is beautiful on you! I love how you paired it with the mustard knit and that necklace is gorgeous!!!! Where is that one from? And that ring is amazing!!

    I think you should always dress how you like! Who cares what other people say? You're not here to please them :) If they think your style is sporadic then great! keep em on their toes!! ♥

    - Josie :: 8bitgrayscale

  3. Hi, Stephanie! Wow, great skirt! Not so easy to style I should say! As for me I think the easiest version is all black, but it's a little bit boring, so I love your mustard combo))Wish u a good day)

  4. great styling! love it! xx


  5. Wow stunning blog and stunning styles!
    Aaaah been craving for galaxies for a long time....
    This outfit so beautiful xx

  6. Oh my word, that skirt is absolutely gorgeous! I remember eying that...haha now my obsession has been relit!
    Great styling of it. The mustard sweater and leather jacket make a fun mix on it.
    Can't believe I wasn't following you on Bloglovin before...don't worry, corrected that mistake :)

    Trendy Teal

  7. Cannot believe I'm not following you yet here on Blogspot! Followed. ;)
    Looove your skirt. It looks absolutely amazing. <3

    The Damsel in a Dress

  8. awesome skirt! totally stylish.

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  9. Such an awesome skirt with an out of this world print.

    Suzie Q
    Style Cue by Suzie Q
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  10. Wahoo this skirt is amazing, I love the way you mix this outfit :)


  11. I've seen that skirt so many times that I've almost gotten sick of it, but the way you wore it completely changed my mind just now! This outfit is GORGEOUS.


  12. I can't say what I love the most in this look. Everything is perfect!