May 14, 2012

Something New

I decided to show you guys something new here - this is something I painted for my AP art show! The painting itself is actually very large - it goes above my hips. This is the first time I'm showcasing my artwork on my blog, and if you guys want to see more, I'm all for it!
A strange, but cute, kitty crawled up to me during my outfit photos.
Dress from Soho NY / Bag and hat from Italy / Dolce Vita Jamison boots
My friend has the most adorable baby chicks! They stink, though.
All from local boutiques / Bag from Italy

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  1. Wow, I am loving all the florals you're rocking! That dress is so pretty, as are the shorts <3
    And girl, you are one talented artist!

    Trendy Teal

  2. Love this!!

  3. You have amazing talent!! I wish I would paint like you. T___T Great outfit!! Love the shorts~ AHH cute baby chicks :3


  4. Stephanie why are all the animals attracted to you @_@ Animal whisperer

  5. The painting is so nice! You're really talented! And I love your dress so pretty!

  6. Beautiful art! AP Art was killer, I thought I wasn't going to finish my portfolio! Scared the bejeebees out of me! Very happy it's over now, haha.

    Great outfits, I love your pastel pants and your floral skirts!

    xx maggie

  7. I can't believe you painted that! That is so incredible.


  8. super cute dress! And I love your painting! STUNNING

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  10. I love the outfits, the kitty and the painting!

  11. All of these outfits are so lovely. What a great painting!

    Suzie Q

  12. You have a lovely sense of style and a beautiful blog! Please check out mine, maybe we can follow each other?:)

  13. aww! that chick is just so cute! love your dress btw :D


  14. Nice dress!

  15. I love your style ! I've just discover your blog thanks to lookbook! I'm following you :)