Jun 3, 2012


There are these vibrant night markets in Thailand that I always love visiting, no matter which part of the country that I am in. I visited both the Fisherman's Village and Fisherman's Market in Koh Samui, and was lucky enough to discover quite a large load of jewelry, along with homemade coconut ice cream, mango sticky rice, and so much much more! I didn't buy as many clothes there, but what I did buy is in the wash. 
 Lapis Lazuli antique necklace
 Konoc feather necklace
Luckily, this is one of the stalls where they actually have an online etsy store! I absolutely loved this little stall. I bought a few other things from the store that I will show you all very, very soon! 
These lightweight hand-carved steel pieces are a few of my favorite purchases. The carving is so intricate, and I love how light the pieces are. I'm usually not an earrings person (I'm much too lazy), but the triangle shape and minimalist design was too lovely to pass on! 

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  1. That lapis lazuli antique necklace is such an amazing find! It's gorgeous, and I cannot wait to see you wear it.

    xx maggie

  2. Looooove this jewelry! They're all such gorgeous statement pieces <3

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  3. Wow! Love your purchases. Have fun styling your new accessories!!!

  4. totally agree, i love doing my jewelry shopping on markets ! nice finds :) have a great monday, xox

  5. I loveeee your purchases!
    So boho chic !

    xx mintblush

  6. Everything is gorgeous!! You found some amazing stuff! (:


  7. really nice jewelry! I'm planning on buying more of these real stones instead of the random jewelry from like H&M or something.