Jun 19, 2012


Throughout yesterday, I genuinely either A, felt like a Jedi, with my swishy big skirt, running to and fro, or B, felt like I should be drinking sweet tea in the south. I think I might be too imaginative or too much of a stereotyper. Silly ideas aside, I hope you all are enjoying the summer, and I just wanted to say that bell-sleeves are one of my favorite things at the moment. I have always been on the hunt for the perfect white summer dress - and I found it with an ASOS dress that I've shown on Lookbook (I'll wait for better pictures with it to show you!). I absolutely adore that hybrid between a 70's flower child and a barefoot festival-goer. With this top/dress, I almost hit home again, except it was too short, and now it's a tunic length on me. I really hate it when that happens with dresses. Being my height, it does happen too frequently. 

I've been enjoying my summer so much with product sourcing, product descriptions, photographing, modeling, contacting bloggers/Youtubers, etc.! I've been kept pretty busy, but it's definitely a worthwhile experience. 

PS. I'm planning to go to Tokyo in July - and am excited to visit my family friends there (I used to live in a small town next to Tokyo)!
PPS. Another realization that I came to is that I look kind of ridiculous in this hat when it droops more than it should. Ahh, well. I also want to dye my hair this summer - so hopefully you guys can see that soon as well! 


  1. I always wait and anticipate your posts!
    Am I creepy yet? LOL
    I love your style !
    And omg have fun in Tokyo ! take a lot of pictures and hopefully you have internet connection !

    xx [ aphrodite blue ]

    ps dye your hair :) just do it!

  2. That pleated maxi skirt is just a stunner. I love it on you and how you styled it! A lovely top to match it :)

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  3. cute skirt! <3


  4. You look so cute! I love your top.

    xx maggie

  5. Adorable skirt!! ^__^ It's such a pretty color!
    Ohh have fun in Tokyo! So jealous!! haha


  6. Great look, dear~!
    What a lovely skirt! Looks perfect on you )
    Just pass by your blog and found a lot of inspiring outfits and posts and I thought that
    it would be great to have you among my followers and be your follower also~!
    Just drop the message in my blog if you like the idea~
    Happy blogging~!


  7. love love love the skirt! :)