Aug 23, 2012


shorts c/o HanMattan, thigh-highs c/o Daddylonglegz, H&M sunnies + tee

Hello from San Francisco! As of today, it's exactly a week from my move-in day at college and my 18th birthday! Wish me good luck - I'm bringing a whopping five suitcases of mostly shoes and clothing along with the other living necessities like bedsheets, containers, hangers, etc.! 

These shorts from HanMattan are made by the lovely 16-year-old Rose from England - I really love to meet other people who pour their heart and soul into their passions, and the fact that she's only 16 is even more amazing! We also happen to have a lot in common, and she is so sweet and friendly! I would love to live in her world of altered vintage shorts...if only.

I also love these thigh-highs from Daddyz - they have these strips of gel lining along the inside of the tights to prevent them from slipping, and it's hard not to love the seam detailing at the back of the tights. I love how the tights look with creepers, which, yes, I did succumb to. Obviously they are an acquired taste - but I honestly think that they are so ugly, they are cute. Not to mention, this pair is super light (similar)! 


  1. The shorts look amazing! And haha Im starting to fall for creepers! I'm on the look out for a pair :D

  2. Very chic! Loving the design of your thigh highs! :)

  3. Amazing! Really loving this look. The shorts, bag and detail on the back of the socks are gorgeous :)


  4. Awesome shorts! :)
    And I love your hair huh <3
    btw does your Rire Giveaway already have a winner? :)

  5. The detailing on the back of the thigh highs is amazing.

    chīsana blogger

  6. college + turning 18 all in one week! exciting girl!

    and i LOVE these shorts. so cool on you - and that envelope clutch. obsessed

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

  7. Just found your blog and I love your style! Those shorts are stunning! Following! :)

  8. Love the tight highs!!
    very likable :))

  9. great! oh, I adore your blog..and your flat belly :D!
    Following u.

  10. Lovely blog.

  11. Loving the contrast of the shorts and the lace trim! And congrats on starting college! I also attend college in Northern California (Palo Alto area) and I love it :) You might be interested in checking out my recent “College Survival: Dorm Checklist” post. I’ll also be posting other college tips so feel free to stop by! Again, welcome to SF!


  12. oops, I meant to say, but feel free to check out the tumblr as well haha.

  13. Your tights are amazing. I can't believe you're in California now. Move-in day is kind of a pain, but actually look forward to it because it's so much easier than move-out day haha. Have a great last week of summer holidays! xx