Oct 31, 2012

Channelling Hepburn

Hepburn Pearl Lace Top c/o Living Royal, Star-Studded cast black vegan leather skirt c/o Lulu's, metal-capped boots c/o OASAP, hat from Forever 21 

As promised, I have finally decided to include one of my articles from my fashion column here! Enjoy xx! 
"I often feel like the border between dressing for fashion and dressing for appearance is blurred, and people rarely understand the difference.  Let me just say, that I can’t help but feel offended when people confuse the two, even though I rarely feel so opinionated about other issues.   Some people claim to have an ardent love of fashion, and instead, dress solely to make their body look more attractive, and sometimes it seems like all we see is an endless array of bandage skirts and crop tops.  As blogger Jennifer Wang from Art in Our Blood aptly puts it, “People have lost track of a sense of balance. You can flaunt whatever body part you like tastefully, as long as you don't flaunt everything else at the same time.”  Wang addresses a prevalent issue, as many no longer seem to care about the aesthetics of proportions or modification.  Similarly, make-up is often used as a tool to purely enhance one’s appearance rather than to serve as an art—gone are the days of Twiggy lashes. 
The truth is, fashion is not at all about making yourself look better. It’s about expressionism and creativity; playing with proportions, textures, patterns, colors, and ultimately, creating the kind of compelling juxtaposition that can potentially become embedded within the fashion world as a movement.  Take the runway’s sports luxe trend for example. Isabel Marant’s juicy wedge sneakers and Joseph’s silk sweatpants, for instance, aren’t items that are just there to make you look better. Rather, they work to abolish pre-existing notions about what sportswear is typically used for.  In this sense, fashion is about overturning the norms, pursuing the unexpected, and taking a gamble.  
It’s not that I have anything against clothing that exists purely to flatter one’s assets, but I wonder—what’s the point?  What’s the point of form-fitting or revealing clothing other than to influence how others perceive you? 
Hence, there is no significance in highlighting your attributes and concealing your flaws other than to make yourself look more attractive.  While magazines may suggest what to wear for your body type, be it “ruler,” “pear,” or “curvy all over,” these suggestions don’t really belong in the “fashion” section, because they are tailored for people who are unconfident in their own skin.  Instead of indicating that people should adhere to a type of dress depending on what body shape they have, magazines should be instigators of confidence and the choice to create art without guidelines.
Here lies the difference between fashion and consumerism.  Popular media, like magazines, portray trends that reflect the current-day consumer-oriented society.  Yet the fact is, what is popular among the masses, like dressing for one’s figure, is not always popular in the fashion industry.  I know that it is a distinction I find myself constantly making, but it would really be both empowering and refreshing to see more people dressing to create art."


  1. Amazing outfit. Amazing article!! Your article is so compelling. I agree with every word you said. (: Fashion is about expression and creativity, and that's the fun part about it! (: love it.


  2. love the outfit. esp, the boots and skirt :)


  3. love your skirt and shoes! PRETTY

  4. a big fan of your whole outfit, loving how chic and lady like it looks, also a big fan of your writing with the fact of dressing for expressing, not looking good towards the society, anyways, thanks, I photographed it but that's not me on the pics:)

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  5. I'm always so jealous of your outfits - you look amazing as always! Those boots are insane :) x

  6. What a lovely article you've written, I couldn't agree more. Fashion really is an art in itself, and it's up to the individual to play with different articles of clothing.

    I love the lace top, and your toe-capped boots look amazing! :D

  7. So pretty and nice outffit!


  8. I love this outfit the skirt is amazing and I love the hat,


  9. i love this outfit, and those shoes are stunning x

  10. Wow your outfit is so amazing honey!! I love everything, the skirt , the blose!! :)


  11. loving your black outfit <3


  12. Wow great outfit dear, loving your top for sure and that is one amazing shoes !!!


  13. You look gorgeous! I love your top and shoes. x

    <3 Melissa

  14. love your outfit from head to toe. that amazing top paired with that leather skirt with star embelishments. and im obsessed with those metal-capped boots


  15. Your style is amazing! :D

  16. you look lovely hun ! the shoes are amazing ! xx

  17. Cute outfit <3


  18. I adore your outfit, especially the lovely hat and the adorable lace top. You have such a wonderful sense of style and I love seeing all these lovely photographs on your blog - followed you!

    Have a wonderful day :) x

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  19. Which apps did you use to edit your photos? :D

  20. Those shoes are so amazing! The outfit altogether is great also.


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