Mar 22, 2013


H&M sweater
sneakers c/o adidas NEO
tank and leggings c/o Ellie

Leather caps, streamlined legs, white micromesh, baseball caps, sweatpants with heels - what's not to love about the sports luxe trend? While I've heard many say that there is no defining feature of 21st century fashion, the sports luxe trend is one of those trends that is completely new, refreshing, and intriguing. It's a complete 180 from the horrifically delightful jazzercise clothes of the eighties.

In addition to the deliberate appearance of juxtaposing the sporty against the luxurious, there's the obvious pragmatic bonus of being able to leave the gym with only a few tweaks to your outfit. It's really not all that hard with ready-to-wear that looks more and more like sports wear, and sports wear that looks more and more like ready-to-wear.

I'm wearing Ellie, which is website that releases a monthly capsule collection, meshing both fitness and fashion - I really adore the attention to detail that the brand has, evident in its intricate backs and pretty colors. These clothes make sports luxe easy, and working out just as easy - water-proof leggings? Yes. Check it out here where you can get 20% off as a new member!

PS. On another note, my friend is in the running for this internship contest here. It would be lovely if you guys could vote for her by searching her name "Brennan" and voting three times!


  1. Ahh, I LOVE nice sports clothes. I wouldn't call it the defining feature of 21st century fashion, but it's definitely not too much of a reiteration of anything done in the past!

    Where are those white shoes from, btw?

  2. I'm loving this trend, and your looks! I would love to have some of that weather youre experiencing we have snow and its spring :(

  3. like your sport styles

  4. Those white shoes in the last photo!!! i'm in love!!!!


  5. I'm liking this sporty look a lot! I love the sweater you have on!

  6. i love this look , the way you styled everything looks amazing,


  7. Amazing! :D

    xx MJ

  8. Damn girl, you really make sportswear look SO chic. I love it!

    Ava Tallulah

  9. Cool style :)

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