Jun 13, 2013


Sandro sweatshirt, Chicwish tote*, Blank NYC jeans, Valentino pumps (borrowed from my mamma), Messeca flats via Fortyeight*

Unattainable, pointy, angular, delicious Valentino pump perfection, meet slouchy Sandro sloth sweatshirt heaven - I'm pretty sure you two were meant to be soulmates, just as this black tote was meant to be paired with my metal-capped Messeca flats from my favorite people over at Fortyeight. As a child, I used to object to all shoes pointy - I even told my mother to never wear her pointy shoes - but I just can't seem to deny the slick, sharp charm of something as on point as a pointy shoe. The fact that the point also happens to elongate one's legs is just another added bonus. So, here, I introduce you to two pointy variations that have stolen my red, red heart, albeit one pair isn't even mine. 

With my flight to Paris in three days, I'll be wearing a variation of the second outfit (hello, looser, comfier, boyfriend jeans) - and as cliché as it seems to think about bright red and Paris, those are the kinds of vibes that I've been feeling. 

My reader Toyin (<3) recently commented on my last post saying that my style is "tomboy meets class," and it was honestly one of the best comments I've ever received. If I'm being completely truthful here, I really didn't know, and still don't truly know, what to call my style - I only know for certain that I adore juxtaposition and contradiction. I love to pair a slouchy sweatshirt with sleek shoes, and while there are times when I reach for pastels, florals, pinks, and flowy fabrics, I stray away from conventionally feminine silhouettes (they scare me). Being too girly scares me - I guess it's because it's just A) not my thing, and B) what everyone expects of girls - for them to dress girly. I don't see the point in confirming expectations. While I'm not afraid of girly prints and colors, I'm deathly afraid of girly shapes. If you've noticed, the rare times I do enjoy wearing dresses are when they come in maxi/shift/shapeless/dropwaist form. I've only recently ventured into formfitting/bodycon territory upon the dawning realization that I could contrast the über-feminine silhouette with sneakers and other very chunky, androgynous shoes. 

Up until now, I've told interviewers that my style is ever-changing and evolving, but basic with a twist. Like this classic red sweatshirt - a necessary basic - with the twist of leather elbow patches. I guess right now, that twist is this tomboy/class thing - but I do think Toyin knew how to encapsulate it way better than I did! I've never thought of myself as a tomboy, and I wish I could say Toyin's definition could now be my go-to self-defined style in three words, but I'm not the kind of blogger that has just one style. I often wish I did, but growing up in various cities, constantly traveling, and feeling the undercurrents beneath each different city has made me fickle and eclectic as well. Sometimes, I just feel like I'm trying to define something as amorphous as the blobs on my jacket from the last post. I hope I somewhat succeeded in my description, lovelies! I'd really, really, really love to hear what you guys think describes my style - so please do comment down below x.

Much love,

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  1. Loving your red sweater! Beautiful outfit:)

    xx Marianne

  2. So true, I honestly don't know how to describe my style either! But tomboy class sounds just right for you. And loving those heels, I would steal them from my mom too!


  3. I love this post :) "Tomboy meets class" fits you so perfectly! They were totally right on!


  4. Could those jeans be anymore perfect on you?! I love how you describe your style. I'm also a huge fan of juxtaposition in fashion. :)


  5. you look amazing and I love your jeans :D

  6. What a great look! Those heels look beautiful <3

  7. Your creativity is so inspiring.

  8. very love the jeans


  9. I really enjoyed reading this post! Tomboy meets class is a really good way of defining your style. Keep it up! x


  10. However you decide to describe your style, just know that it is amazing! I love the combination of ripped jeans with sleek heels and a plain red sweater. You look stunning!

  11. Your style is absolutely perfect! Your bag is fabulous and your valentino pumps are to DIE FOR! I absolutely love everything Rose Gold, they're are perfectly girly!

    India Graye,

  12. those shoes are perfect!
    Emma xx

  13. Hi Stephanie, thanls for your comment! (:
    I really like your blog and your outfit. The flats are super pretty.
    Following now~

  14. your style is amazing, the red shoes really pop !


  15. wow, thankyou I really wasn't expecting this! I love reading your blog and thank you for the shout out xxx

  16. Omg, I love your red shoes! They are so cool and love your style so much dear! I wish you a great weekend and thanks for your comment on my blog. :) xx Pip

    Easy Outfits by Pip

  17. i love the outfit the heels are amazing,


  18. Totally relevant post - I've also been doing a lot of thinking and wondering about my own style lately. It's become harder and harder to define in recent years, I guess because I'm growing up and not following fads like I did in high school (lol...scene girls, anyone?). I've always gravitated towards edgier, rock-inspired pieces but nowadays that seems to correlate more to modern cuts and shapes rather than anything overtly 80's. Aside from my bad habit of wearing way too much grey, black, and leopard print, I love neon colors - for me a little pop of neon isn't a passing trend, but a key to my wardrobe! But anyway, like you, I've always been totally uninterested in girly clothes (AND girly colors) and hugely prefer shapeless drapey potato-sack esque cuts to bodycons. I don't really think of myself as a tomboy, though, despite all that - I just draw from a mix of different influences! A friend of mine a few years ago made a similar comment that your friend did about my style, saying, "You're really fashionable, but you're not girly." In any case, the adjectives unique, quirky, unconventional or eclectic might describe our styles the best (as unsatisfactory as I think they sound). Or perhaps 'experimental'? :)

  19. The comment is so spot on! I never could place my finger on your style, because a lot of fashion bloggers I follow wear fitting collar dresses with flare, but you're so out there! But that's probably why I'm so attracted to your style.

    But honestly, the red is so amazing. I still can't get myself to like pointy shoes, I have HUGE feet, so I feel like they'll make my feet larger, haha so I have to sticky with my rounded tops.


  20. I always look forward to your posts! You always look so chic :)

  21. LOVE your red Valentino pumps! And your bag is to-die-for as well :) Cute outfits!
    Hi from Los ANgeles,