Aug 7, 2013


Converse / Zara bag / H&M dress / Coach bracelet

When bloggers meet up it is a wonderful thing. That, my friends, is no lie! Having met Zoe from Fashiononymous via the blogosphere and the magic of Facebook three years ago when she was just fourteen or fifteen, I had evidently spent many hours with her simply talking about the day we would meet, bond over blogger tendencies and a love of similar styles/fangirling/food/music, etc. We've both been there since each other's very first posts <3. We had anticipated the amounts of squealing and giddiness that would be experienced in the streets of Hong Kong.

Our day together did not underwhelm nor disappoint - we ate Japanese food overlooking the coastline, drank bubble tea in a bookstore, got gawked at when taking photos in one of the busiest intersections of the city, took sticky pics and played various video games in the arcade, failed at eating ice cream in a ladylike, dignified manner, played dress-up at American Apparel, and browsed home-ware/furnishing stores, dreaming about our future apartments and matching headphones. We ran through the arcade and got excited about Mario Kart, got in trouble for trying to take photos in places we couldn't in... Looking back upon our day, it seems like we did a lot of things we weren't supposed to...

Photographing Zoe was a joy - kind of like she's got destined blogger blood in her veins. She's incredibly kawaii, creative, diligent, and dedicated to her craft; she's got a vision, and her style is effortless - you get the feeling that she's a city-girl, born and raised. Check out her blog here - you'll fall in love, I promise! Watch out for her, lovelies, she's a rising star!

We spent part of the next day together as well, and I have yet to show you the American Apparel photos we took @aahongkong and sticky pics. We also filmed a vlog, which will be on her blog later on, so stay tuned for those x!

P.S. I love cats. As you can tell from my dress. Kitschy is my middle name.

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    I'm not sure what I should do looking at these photos. Should I smile because you two are insanely cute and wonderful or should I cry because I'm sad that I wasn't amidst all of this awesome blogger coolness? I guess I'll settle for a combination of both.

    You guys are two of my favorite bloggers and I absolutely ADORE seeing you two hanging out together doing all sorts of fun things in the wonderful craziness of Hong Kong. As for doing things you weren't supposed to do, I won't tell if you don't... :)
    Food and arcades and playing dress up all sound divine. I hope you guys had a FANFREAKINGTASTIC time together! I can't wait to see the vlog and the American Apparel photos you guys took!
    So uh next time, can I be invited along for the ride? :D

    The SEAREX

    P.S. Wait, I completely forgot to mention the clothes. That cat dress may be kitschy but it's so cute! Plus those socks are kind of really really cool. The neon just takes them to other levels. So rad.

  2. cute dress <3 you both look gorg :)


  3. So adorable! Seems like you guys had a lot of fun. ♥

  4. How exciting! I've never met any blogger friends before. The main ones I'd like to meet live too far away. One day!

    I love that cat dress!

    Wardrobe Quarry

  5. 'When bloggers meet up it is a wonderful thing. That, my friends, is no lie! ' SO TRUE !
    Hope you guys had so much fun, love you both! <3

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  7. Fun pictures. Loved them :)

  8. I like your dress! And you look beautiful!
    So nice that thanks to Zoe I could check out your blog! :D

  9. I love your dress! Your bag is also super cool!

    Rose xo

  10. It looks like you girls had an amazing time together :)
    And yes, you did a lot of things! haha


  11. beautiful photos! I love meeting up with bloggers, its just a vibe that instantly connects both of you together. x

  12. It looks like you had a lot of fun! Both of you look awesome! :)

  13. Love this dress, and the photos are awesome <3

    Cute to the Fashion

  14. I love the outfit with the blue blouse! It's a really cute pattern <3 and blogger meet ups are always good fun indeed :) xx

  15. such a lovely dress! i found you on lookbook :)
    hope we can keep in touch
    love Rachael

  16. I Love your cat dress stephanie!