Jan 11, 2014


Club Monaco dress, Sugarlips shirt (underneath), Casio watch, Zara bag

Shanghai is treating me well these days, too well in fact. While I had planned for this break to be productive in terms of summer internship applications and poetry submissions and whatnot, what I've been most productive with as of late has been eating and exploring (partly pictured in the last post here). I have no regrets, but I should really get to writing those cover letters. In the meantime, please don't remind me how soon the start of the next semester is approaching as I indulge in copious amounts of Asian desserts. Happy weekend, my loves xx.

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  1. Go enjoy your asian desserts, go eat all your food and keep exploring. Don't regret your break!! haha! I'm sure your break will end up being the way you want it. And lets not even begin to see the beginning of the next semester! I'm quite happy being un-stressed by looming deadlines and assessments.


  2. Ooo reminds me I should probably venture out to search for some summer internships too!
    Love the shirt dress combination! Cute!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. Oh, always in love with your simplistic looks and stunning shots! I love Shanghai and hope you enjoy your time there. Nothing beats authentic Chinese food haha. Best of luck with your cover letters!

  4. u look so pretty!


  5. Wow, just found your blog & LOVE it, great style. Im now following you so I dont miss anything :)