Feb 18, 2014


Maje boots, H&M hat, Urban Outfitters dress, Free People thermal, Vieta bag, Casio watch

As many of you know, I panicked yesterday when I woke up and saw that my blog had been removed from the internet. I had been suspended from my Google account and was unable to access my gmail as well as other accounts, such as YouTube, Blogger, etc. I was quick to put up a replacement blog (talk about impatient) with the same post - so, for those of you who missed out, here it is. I am so relieved and thankful that the technical issue has been resolved - though I did purchase a new domain (here) in the one day that my blog was down, and cannot connect it to this blog as it is through a different platform. I will update you all if I decide to make any major switches/changes, but let me know if you prefer the layout over on the new site.

Despite these issues and confusions, I do want to leave you all with a happier note, especially since I'm much happier now that this is up and running, so here is my weekend roundup:

1. Eat: For those of you who are familiar with my Instagram account, you are well aware that I am an acai bowl fiend. I tried my first pitaya bowl with Christine from kkarmalove this weekend, which is similar to an acai bowl, but with dragon fruit. I love the spin off the classic.

2. Listen: In a City Without Seasons by The One AM Radio 

3. Read: Wide Eyed Legless for minimalist perfection and impeccable curation.

4. Watch: Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23. I am not a consistent TV-watcher, because I don't actually spend that much time on my bed (it's lofted, aka I have to climb a ladder to get on it). Subsequently, I'm the kind of person who ends up watching cooking shows like Top Chef and Chopped because I don't have to keep up in order to enjoy the show and I can multitask while listening to the show. But Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 is sweetly short and incredibly funny. Plus, what's not to love about Krysten Ritter?  

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  1. oh so sweet!!! cette robe est sublime et toi aussi!


  2. So cute, Steph x
    Omg, glad your blog issues have been resolved!!!! :)


  3. Yay your blog is back! Lovely outfit, btw! xx


  4. beautiful dress and your style is amazing!

  5. love love love your hat and boots!!


  6. This look is amazing, love the dress! :D

    xx MJ