Mar 25, 2014


Mt. Davidson
Salumeria, SF
above photos by Kevin & me
Instagram photo credits clockwise from top left: June, KevinJuneNino
photo credits clockwise from top left: Nino, me, Kevin, Kevin
This past week has been one of my favorites of 2014.  I spent the first half road-tripping from LA through Malibu, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Big Sur, and finally, San Francisco and the Bay Area.  I camped, hiked, touched waterfalls, scampered over rocks, swam in rivers, made s'mores, and then went on to explore San Francisco. The Pacific Coast is a stunner, and while the water always comes in cold, I don't think I could ever get tired of the color blue. Having road-tripped, I packed very lightly and comfortably, and froze my a** off camping in all the layers (or lack thereof) I had in Big Sur. I had not expected it to be as cold as it was at night. Thankfully, this vegan leather jacket saved me, and I can now say that I've slept whole nights in a leather jacket, with or without pride - taking the phrase "living in" clothing to a new level. Note to self: must-bring for festivals and chilly desert nights (on a sidenote, for more festival wear, check out FP here). 

These photos are from the past Friday in San Francisco, a day that I was fortunate enough to spend time with my beautiful friends Nino, Kevin, and June, all of whom are amazingly talented and visionary individuals who take inspired and unique photos (so check out their feeds!).  I always admire artists who stay true to themselves, and these lovely beings do just that.  Though it was my first time meeting all of them, we definitely bonded seamlessly and found so many similarities among ourselves. 

We started our day off at Mt. Davidson, overlooking the city, and continued on to explore a myriad of coffee shops in Mission district, make a stop at Charlotte Russe's headquarters, eat delicious food, shoot, taste chocolate, look at succulents, visit Heath Ceramics, drink boba, and visit the gorgeous Sutro Baths, where I was also able to attend my first SF insta-meet/photo-walk. I think we most definitely crammed in a week or two's worth of adventures into one day. 

There is a certain kind of weightlessness you feel when you're with people you connect with in a city that fosters such connections. I hope this excess of photos convey the sheer fun of this day. Like always, I find myself longing to go back - till next time, San Francisco.

Stay tuned for posts on Big Sur & coffee shops in SF xx. 

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  1. San Fran looks amazing, love what you wore too, dresses always look great with Converse. Also love that you paired it with a leather jacket. So cool! x

  2. love the detail of the red socks!!! so cool =)

  3. Yay! Glad you had a ton of fun. You look adorable!

  4. Loving your shots :)

  5. I had mistaken your photo of the city with the ocean, it was so out of focus there that it looked like you were on a coastal walk. It is kinda beautiful when you see that paralleled with the ocean photo you had just below it. I wish my eye for photography would improve, I feel like I'm such a subjective photography and should try being more conceptual with my images.

  6. Love this dress!! <3

  7. gorgeous photos! and love that dress

  8. Such amazing photos. I am really digging the vibrancy of these shots, they capture the life of the city so well. Not to mention your outfit is perfect for daytime city exploring. Definitely looking forward to your coffee shop post!


  9. great outfit. i love the addition of the socks! super playful.

    a small bit