May 5, 2014


Phraseology LA kimono, The Local Branch quartz necklace, Vida Kush crystal necklace, Jeffrey Campbell boots

Photos: collab. with Nino Panes

Despite my reluctance to develop an attachment to LA, as it doesn't happen to be a city that I identify with (as much as I do appreciate many parts of it), there are some things that are inherently a part of my lifestyle that will be more evident to me once I leave this summer (I won't be returning till next year). This includes but is not limited to a certain laid-back attitude and penchant for the nomadic, certain phrases and bits of language local to LA, an appreciation for canyons and deserts and succulents (cliche, but true), a love for raw vegan smoothies, but also an element of style that is echoed in this free-spirited kimono from Phraseology that I picked up at UNIQUE LA this past weekend. 

UNIQUE LA was full of so many local artists and vendors selling handmade products and goods - ranging from soy candles to raw granola and chocolate to handmade chevron rings. The variety and cause of supporting local artists always makes the event a very fun one to attend and pick up knick-knacks from. The experience of meeting such talented and visionary artists was so worthwhile and reminds me of why I prefer not to shop at larger corporations. I will most definitely be going back next Spring. Suffice to say, wearing this kimono is so much fun to move in. I also picked up this electroplated quartz necklace from The Local Branch. 

I shot this set of photos with one of my good friends from Berkeley, Nino (@senaponin), who came to visit for the weekend. It is guaranteed fun shooting and exploring with him and his excitable, passionate personality. Check out more of our shots on Instagram (@highstitchedvoice).

I hope you all have a lovely start to your week!

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  1. I'm in love with this entire outfit and that kimono is to die for!! <3

  2. I'm in love with this entire outfit and that kimono is to die for!! <3

  3. Hi! I really like your look (lots of colours!) and the atmosphere of your photos! I discovered your blog by lookbook...

  4. Hi babe this is Shelley!!! you're outfit looks amazing!! Please check out my blog, I'm still new at it:)

  5. LOVE this whole look esp the hat and kimono.